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Is now the time?

Consider these factors when deciding to purchase new windows.

Crank it Up

Older windows have a lot of character. If your older windows have crank and gear mechanisms, there is a good chance that they are getting a kick out of watching you struggle with their aging parts. As these components break down it becomes a matter of repairing or replacing the unit entirely.

New Paint/ More New Paint/ How about some more Paint?

Whether you ran out of tape or felt pressed to resort to painting your windows shut to help with insulation you should know one thing. IT’S A TERRIBLE IDEA! Don’t beat yourself up, especially if you moved into a house where this had already happened. The problem with windows being painted shut is the consideration of lead based paints that were used in homes older than 1967. Additionally, a fully sealed window increases the risk of inhabitants being trapped in rooms if there is an emergency.

Windows/Doors that won't shut?

If your windows are unable to close fully then there is the problem of heat retention in the winter, cool air retention in the summer, and well your personal safety throughout all seasons of the year. 

Candle in the Wind

When determining the quality of your windows it has been suggested that taking a burning candle near the window will let you know if there are any drafts, however, if you are dealing with the crank windows, plastic covered windows, or painted shut windows I would avoid fire in the home entirely. Of course if your window won’t shut you could test the seal quality with a pin wheel because why not have a little fun when thinking about spending money on a pretty boring home repair.


If you are already insulating your windows with plastic you know that it’s time for new windows. Use the plastic until you’re ready to give us a call and in the meantime enjoy playing Name That Sound. I’ll go first and guess PIGEON!


There’s someone knocking on your door. You go to open it only to realize someone is knocking on your neighbor’s door…3 houses down. Sound waves and heat waves both move through the air and often being able to hear everything outside when your windows and doors are shut is not just an annoyance, but rather an indicator that heat is not being retained within your home.

Jack Frost and The Single Pane Window

Single pane windows were great when oil was cheap, however, prices and times have changed.Frost on your single pane window is an indication that the age of the glass, the years of contraction, expansion and gravity have compromised the integrity of the window. Once the windows become this old the risk of them shattering increases tremendously. The benefit of double pane windows is their ability to regulate temperature and light between both panes. Energy efficiency is higher, but so is durability. 

Window Jambs: How much rot is too much rot?

In addition to the problems that can come with outdated hardware there is the concern for the remaining components of the window. These include the jambs, sill, and frames. Often water damage is not present on the interior part of the window. When cracks and breaks occur within the wood, moisture does not remain in one spot, but rather travels throughout all the components and then rests in your walls. 

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